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Question: The lights on my trailer aren't working properly, what should I check first?

Answer: Most trailer electrical problems are caused by improper grounding. Make sure all wires are properly grounded and also check all connections including the plugs on the trailer and towing vehicle to be sure they are free of corrosion.

Question: What are the black streaks on my RV and how do I remove them?

Answer: The black streaks are caused by the sun drying out the rubber roof and the rain washing the residue down onto the side of your trailer. They can be prevented with using cleaners and UV protectants applied to the rubber roof two to four times each year. A black streak remover such as "Black Streak Remover" from Bio-Kleen, will eliminate black streaks that are already on your trailer.

Question: What is a good sanitation chemical to use?

Answer: We recommend any product containing live enzymes. We carry a variety of chemicals suited to fit your needs call or come in and see us.

Question: How often should I inspect my hubs and what should I look for?

Answer: You should inspect your hubs and brakes a MINIMUM of once a year, even if you are using the trailer only once a year. The bearings should be cleaned, inspected for pitting or corrosion and either repacked or replaced. The races should be smooth and free of any blemishes. You should also replace the grease seal upon each inspection.

Question: How can I convert my hydraulic brakes to electric brakes?

Answer: Rewire your trailer and use an electric brake controller. Electric brakes are much more cost effective in repairs and performance.

Question: What type of grease seal do I need for my trailer?

Answer: There is no standard in the trailer industry. Trailer manufacturers use a variety of different vendors depending on availability and cost at the time of manufacture. We suggest any parts that are broken or damaged should be repaired or replaced. Bring them in to us to ensure that you get the right part for your trailer.

Question: Can I combine radial tires with bias ply (D rating) tires?

Answer: We don’t recommend doing this. A bias ply tire is a much thicker tire. If you are using a radial tire as a spare together with bias tires, it’s recommended you only travel with the radial spare for short trips (under 50 miles) until you can replace the radial tire with a bias ply tire. Using them together for long periods can cause uneven tread wear and inaccurate overall load rating.

Question: Is there a manufacturer’s handbook that covers all makes and models of trailers?

Answer: No, unfortunately. Each manufacturer has over the years changed products, changed vendors, changed manufacturing styles, and a book covering this would be larger than our store!