Bio-Kleen Oxidation Remover 32oz

Product Number: 707-1

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A biodegradable, non toxic boat hull cleaner and fiberglass RV cleaner.
Remove yellow hue from boat hull and dull, chalked paint from RV with Bio-Kleen Oxidation Remover.
A water scum line remover that removes algae and scum lines, scale build up, chalking and buildup from water minerals.
Easily removes built up mineral deposits on your boat's drive showers.
Cleans spider droppings from boat and RV exterior.
Wipes or rinses away freely and leaves surface sparkling clean.
Excellent for removing chalking and stains within dry/indoor storage where rinsing is not permitted.
Ever get those rust stains con a building, concrete or other surface from sprinkler over spray? Bio-Kleen Oxidation Remover will remove those too.

Use on fiberglass boat hulls, RVs, stainless steel, concrete, sprinklers, vinyl siding and more.