Bio-Kleen Polish and Sealant 4 oz

Product Number: 803-1

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A Liquid Wax Polish for Boats, RVs and Automobiles.
Deep Cleans, Restores Color, Polishes and Seals all in one application
Protective shield against salt, acid rain, bird hits, tree sap, bug residue and UV rays.
Created with extra-long lasting 250ºF UV protection
The polymer in this polish gives fiberglass and paint a high degree of detergent resistance while still maintaining a breathable surface
Easy On / Easy Off
Will not damage vinyl decals.
Also excellent for household use on surfaces such as: shower doors and tiles, mirrors, windshields, sinks, chrome and more
Applying the Bio-Kleen Polish & Sealant to these surfaces reduces water spots and adds shine and protection
4 oz