Bio-Kleen Qwik Shine 32 oz.


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A biodegradable, non toxic liquid spray wax for boats, rv, cars, trucks
Quickly clean and remove dust, smudges, bird hits and water spots while maintaining a shine on your boat, rv, car or truck
A spray on, wipe off detailing product that cleans while it shines
Spray wax gives you all of the gloss and protection of a wax in a fraction of the time
Adds a micro-thin layer of polymer protection; this, in turn, creates a static free surface which helps
Can also be used for boat, rv, car interiors giving you UV protection without a slippery residue
After applying Bio-Kleen Qwik Shine to the finish water beads up and rolls off just like a fresh wax
Unlike most other spray waxes you will experience no smudging, streaking, hazing or residue left behind
32 oz.

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